New game, who dis?

Version 1.7 β€”Β 10 May

πŸ•Ή New Mini-Game

How fun! Need to quickly feed me? Force-touch or tap on my hearts to start playing my new mini-game!

πŸ’€ Sleepy time

I now go to sleep for 6 hours and I don’t get hungry while I’m asleep. I sleep at 12am, but you can change my sleeping time when you hatch your next Nomi!

πŸ’Œ Food's ready!

Coming soon:
When your heart-ring is full, you should be notified so that you can feed me!

Different ways to play with me

Version 1.6 β€” Β 13 Apr 2020

⚑️ Energy vs Steps!

I can now feed on your Active Energy! Nom nom! You can change this setting when your next Nomi
is born!

πŸƒ Choose your difficulty.

Are you active? Maybe not? I love you either way. You can now select how challenging I will be when your next Nomi is born!

πŸ’ͺ Wheelchair Mode!

Wheelchair mode has now been added for all of my friends in wheelchairs!

πŸ‘© More options for your watch face!

I have a few more complications (widgets) to add to your watch faces!

Oh no, you're in lockdown!

Version 1.4 β€”Β 29 Mar 2020

😷 Quarantine love

I know you’re keeping indoors, so it takes less steps to feed me and I have an extra heart!

πŸƒ Stepping up evolutions

Instead of your steps increasing every day, this will now happen only when I evolve!

πŸ“– Menu Screen

Force touch to see my menu! More stuff will go here in future, but today, I can teach you how to play!

πŸ’₯ Crashes be gone!

I have been made more efficient to avoid crashing when you pet me! Yay.

πŸš€ I was born!

Version 1.0 β€”Β 12 Feb 2020