Different Evolution Paths and more!

Version 1.12 β€”Β COMING SOON!

πŸ‘Ύ So many evolutions!

I can now evolve into a large variety of new and amazing creatures!

πŸ’— Evolution paths

What I evolve into depends on how much you feed me! Tap on my Day Count or the Evolutions menu icon to learn more!

πŸ˜€ Poke your friends

Want to remind your friend to feed their Nomi or just say hi? You can tap a quick emoji to send a message over!

πŸ–Ό Icons Facelift

All of my icons in the menu just received a beautiful uplift! Hope you like them!

It's friend time!

Version 1.11 β€”Β 23 Oct 2020

πŸ‘₯ Add your friends!

You can now add your friends and see their Nomis and their stats! Swipe right to see your friends list!

πŸ† Survive the longest!

You can now use the Ladder to see who is on top of the charts between you and your friends!

πŸ—„ I can be Synced!

If you have a new watch or are re-pairing to your phone, you will no longer lose your current state!

More evolutions!

Version 1.10 β€”Β 13 Sep 2020

πŸ‘Ύ All new evolutions!

I can now continue to evolve, and the best news is, it’s just the beginning! More evolution surprises coming soon!

🌏 New backgrounds

I now have all new environments to live in and so much more room to play!

πŸ‘‰ Swipe Menu

You now need to swipe left to see my menu!

πŸ”ˆ New settings

You can now disable sounds and haptics through my settings!

πŸ’¬ Custom Bubbles

I’ll be saying more things now that my vocabulary has grown β€” but I’ll wait for the right time!

More flexible settings

Version 1.9 β€” 21 June 2020

βš™οΈ Change settings anytime

There’s no need to wait until the start of your next Nomi to update your settings! Use Force Touch to use this.

🏷 Change name anytime

I now have all new environments to live in and so much more room to play!

Tidying Up

Version 1.8 β€” 27 May 2020

πŸ› Just a clean up

I want to run a lot smoother so we re-made a whole bunch of things and cleaned out a stuff we didn't need!

New game, who dis?

Version 1.7 β€”Β 10 May

πŸ•Ή New Mini-Game

How fun! Need to quickly feed me? Force-touch or tap on my hearts to start playing my new mini-game!

πŸ’€ Sleepy time

I now go to sleep for 6 hours and I don’t get hungry while I’m asleep. I sleep at 12am, but you can change my sleeping time when you hatch your next Nomi!

πŸ’Œ Food's ready!

Coming soon:
When your heart-ring is full, you should be notified so that you can feed me!

Different ways to play with me

Version 1.6 β€” Β 13 Apr 2020

⚑️ Energy vs Steps!

I can now feed on your Active Energy! Nom nom! You can change this setting when your next Nomi
is born!

πŸƒ Choose your difficulty.

Are you active? Maybe not? I love you either way. You can now select how challenging I will be when your next Nomi is born!

πŸ’ͺ Wheelchair Mode!

Wheelchair mode has now been added for all of my friends in wheelchairs!

πŸ‘© More options for your watch face!

I have a few more complications (widgets) to add to your watch faces!

Oh no, you're in lockdown!

Version 1.4 β€”Β 29 Mar 2020

😷 Quarantine love

I know you’re keeping indoors, so it takes less steps to feed me and I have an extra heart!

πŸƒ Stepping up evolutions

Instead of your steps increasing every day, this will now happen only when I evolve!

πŸ“– Menu Screen

Force touch to see my menu! More stuff will go here in future, but today, I can teach you how to play!

πŸ’₯ Crashes be gone!

I have been made more efficient to avoid crashing when you pet me! Yay.

πŸš€ I was born!

Version 1.0 β€”Β 12 Feb 2020