Andrew Chin + Chris Taranto


Apple Watch (Standalone)



Meet Nomi. A virtual pet made for your Apple Watch that feeds on your heartbeats!

Nomi is a virtual pet designed for the Apple Watch — kind of like a Tamagotchi that you keep alive by feeding it your heartbeats and steps. Every step you take goes towards keeping your Nomi alive for another day, and every day alive brings it one step closer to evolving!

Nomi is designed to be a helpful companion to desk-bound office workers or couch potatoes who often ignore the body’s need to move and keep active.  It was crucial for us that every feature in the app had a health focus — from mini games to evolutions — all while bringing us back to the digital pets we all tried so hard to look after as kids.

In future, we will take Nomi to new heights, allowing for different evolutions (depending on how well you treat your Nomi) and being able to compete with your friends. We truly want to push the Apple Watch platform to its limits.

Ultimately, our goal is to change people for the better, a little bit at a time. In this case, by getting people off their butts so they can look after themselves — even if it means tricking them into looking after something else in the process.


  • Heart Rings: Every Step (or kJ) contributes toward filling one heart ring. Your Nomi needs to eat three Hearts per day to survive!
  • Days: The aim of the game is to keep your Nomi alive for as long as you can. Survive for as many days as possible to see your Nomi evolve!
  • Evolutions: By keeping your Nomi fed and alive, it will continue to evolve over time! Every time your Nomi evolves into its next stage, the harder it is to fill in a Heart Ring!
  • Mini Game: Based off your Resting Heart Rate, the game sets a target Heart Rate. The challenge is to stay above that Heart Rate until the green bar is full to feed Nomi really quickly!
  • Steps vs Active Energy: You can choose what to feed your Nomi - Steps or your Active Energy (kJ).
  • Difficulty Selection: Nomi isn't just for couch potatoes! Active Mode is difficult and targeted at those who exercise regularly!
  • Wheelchair Mode: In our mission to make Nomi available to as many people as possible, we added Wheelchair Mode for our friends in wheelchairs!
  • Better Complications: Actually see your Nomi's mood reflected on your Watch Face Complications!
  • 'The Cloud': A place to keep and track all of your previous Nomis.

Hatch your Nomi today!