A pet for your Apple Watch.

Nomi is a creature that you feed with your heartbeats. Hatch yours today!

Hatch yours from the Apple Watch App Store

Trouble downloading it to your Apple Watch? See our help page.

Made for WatchOS 6

Nomi is designed to be a standalone Apple Watch app experience. No mobile app needed!

Integrates with Healthkit

To keep your Nomi alive, HealthKit captures every step to make sure you never skip a beat!


If this was a thing when I was deciding smart watches, I would’ve picked Apple exclusively based on this app alone.


Great! I bought it so now I can feel even worse when I’m lazy!


It really brings me back to being a kid with my tamagotchi! I already added it to my watch face and keep checking on the little dude 🙂


Just been sent to work home for a month. This might encourage me not to spend it reclining. Thanks.


Omg it is sooo cute I love the animations. I’ve had it for two minutes and I’m obsessed. Thank you!!


I named mine Bob and he is my best friend now.


I now have a reason to buy an Apple Watch. This is so cuuute 😭😍


This app is simple and cute! It’s encouraged me to get out of the house lately and get some steps to feed my little pal.


We are all big kids at heart and I loved my virtual pets when I was younger. I have had mine for two days now and I think it is just the cutest idea.


I’m only 6 days in but excited to see my monster grow and to see this app grow as well. Also the developer is so helpful and communicative!


With working from home often, the little guy encourages me to get up and go for a walk a few times a day. It’s very simple and sweet.

/Eleven L

Feed my lil guy with my steps and exercise...Genius. Very cool concept. Love this app.

Feeling the love. Thank you.

How to Play

Exercise and move to keep Nomi alive!

1. Create food with steps

Every step you take fills up your Heart-Ring. When it's full, you can tap on it to feed your Nomi.

2. Keep your Nomi happy

Your Nomi has three Hearts that run out over time. Feeding your Nomi fills one heart.

3. Keep your Nomi alive

When your Nomi runs out of hearts, it dies. Don't worry, its memory will live on in The Cloud.

What will yours become?

Over time, your Nomi will continue to evolve into fantastical new creatures. What will yours become?

Get it from the Apple Watch App Store

From your watch, search 'Nomi' on the App Store

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